Friday, April 28, 2017

UCan Half Marathon

First the photos are out of order and right now I'm feeling too lazy to fix them. It's a half marathon, it's not like the order is hugely important.

So apparently you are supposed to rest after running your first marathon. I didn't. 3 weeks after my first marathon I ran a half marathon and it was difficult. I walked a great deal of it. Then 3 weeks later I had won a free entry into another half marathon. Not wanting to waste a free entry, I kept going. This wasn't a great idea. I was hurting so much. I honestly wasn't sure I would even finish this race. My pace was awful, I felt miserable, and did I mention the pain?

During the race I had been texting my friends Jessica who had run her first 10K. She waited for me to finish, but knew I was struggling. She came out to meet me and ran me in. You have no idea how much this helped. Here we are together with my kids cheering in the bottom of the photo. 

Family photo after the race (Did you notice the lack of people around and the sponsors cleaning up their stuff? I was slow.) 

Early in the course (see there are other people around) 

They waited longer than expected... oops 

Finally crossing the finish line

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Other Colorado Photos

These are just other photos from our trip to Colorado that didn't fit into any of the other posts.

Our hotel room
Can more hotels offer this arrangement?

Sweet Daughter saw these monkey bars and had to conquer them. You start at one side go forward, turn 90 degrees to your right, go forward, turn 90 degrees to your left, go forward and then finish. She was the only kid on the playground who could do it so you can see she had quite the audience! 

Dining at an aquarium became more interesting when the scuba certification class entered the water.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Denver Children's Museum, part 5

This is the last post about the Denver Children's Museum, at least until our next visit!

They had access to wood and tools. We closely supervised. 

They both made an airplane with very different designs

This climbing structure is HUGE. We knew we would want to go up it. 

Going up requires hair nets and helmets. This was an exceptionally good idea as we all bumped our heads much more than expected as we climbed, crawled, and twisted our way through. 

Here is another picture of the climber. It is too big to get in any one photo. All of those vertical boards are part of it. You can see it starts near the bottom left of the photo and goes up more than three stories. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Denver Children's Museum, part 4

This post shows just some of the ways to explore air at the museum.

First you designed a glider then tested it with a high blast of air. 

Aiming it and timing were key to getting it through the tire (seen in first photo).

Testing wings against an air current 

Animal wings, airplane wings in various shapes and more 

Using a small fan to control the giant fans on the ceiling

Friday, April 21, 2017

Denver Children's Museum, part 3

When a children's museum suggests everyone wear a rain jacket for one area, you really should take one. It was so much fun!

Loading the balls into water cannons 

Dancing in the rain 

Seeing the reaction of an air cannon on water 

Child powered water fall

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Denver Children's Museum, part 2

This post is about two different areas in the museum - the fire truck/station area and the bubble area!

Driving a firetruck 

Checking the gauges 

Hesitant to go down the fire pole 

Bubbles filled with vapor 

Catching bubbles

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Denver Children's Museum, part 1

We visited the Denver Children's Museum and had a great time. This is the first of 5 posts about it.

They found a door just their size! 

This was in the veterinary area. We are looking at an x-ray to see if the animal is ok. 

Clearly this puppy needs a complete check up! 

They decided he needed some shots to get better. 

This was from a different area - here they are acting like animals.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Fairview 5K

One of the local race companies offers a series of medals and Sweet Daughter had her eye on the spinning medal for running 3 of their races in the same year. She did the New Year's Day race and now it was time to run Fairview.

Before the race 

We are in matching blue shirts as we run across the start. That is Grandma holding the yellow sign. 

Sweet Son didn't want to run, but loved giving high fives as people ran into the finish. 

Here we are running into the finish!

Friday, April 14, 2017

City Egg Hunt

Our city has a giant Easter Egg Hunt. They use 5 soccer fields for the hunts (divided by age) plus one soccer field for activities. It is one of our annual traditions.

Photo with the bunny 

Before the hunt - the entire field is surrounded by families and they are all let go at the same time

Go, Go, Go! 

She ran off so fast I didn't get a photo of her picking any up, but here is one of Sweet Son.

They are done! They both filled their buckets full and then stopped collecting so other kids could have some. :)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Home Easter Egg Hunt

The kids love doing Easter Egg Hunts so we always do one at home. I collect the small toys, candy, and stickers we already have and stuff eggs then "hide" them all over the backyard. Yes, I'm cheap and lazy like that. Don't worry, we also do the big city egg hunt.

 And they're off!

They ignore the obvious ones and try to find the ones I have hidden 

Then they go back for the obvious ones

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hair Dye Results

Remember the bright purple dye we used in Sweet Daughter's hair? Here is the result...

Well, you can almost see it... The tips are purple, the rest just turned more of a brown. 

They are both so happy though! 

The back shows the color a bit better. This lasted less than a week and wasn't anywhere even close to what she wanted, but she was happy.