Friday, April 11, 2014

Community Egg Hunt

Our city hosts a giant egg hunt every year. Each hunt is on a soccer field - I think they use 5 fields for hunts and then 2-3 fields for activities. This is a huge event. They divide the hunts by age and this year we moved up to the next age group. This means more eggs and less boxes of cereal.

The field as we all wait for the starting siren (provided by a fire truck). We have gone to this event for years and have always been impressed by how well organized it is and how nice everyone acts. In past years if someone saw a child with very few treats, they would point out where they could get more. Adults would stop their children once their bags/baskets were full so that others could have more. This year was completely different unfortunately.

Parents let their kids go out before the siren. After the first few ran out, about 100 kids followed, then everyone else gave up. Our egg hunt was actually over before the siren went off. There were parents picking up eggs and filling their pockets. Kids would reach down to pick up an egg and adults would snatch it just out of their grasp. We ended up standing guard over our kids so they could actually hunt their own eggs. The kids didn't see what was happening and they had fun. 

 A local real estate agency brings in the Eater bunny and provides a free photo. They also let us take our own photos.

The kids still had energy and wanted to run with Grandma. She agreed not realizing just how much energy the kids still had. They did 3-4 laps around the soccer field.

Once home they opened their eggs and explored their loot. It was about half candy - which the kids divided up between the adults. The other half included stickers, poppers, and erasers.

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