Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kids Sayings

"Mama, sometimes I feel like you do too much laundry... and sometimes I feel like eating pizza." Sweet Daughter

Sweet Daughter is doing fuse beads. Sweet Son is playing with a truck. I'm playing on my computer. It's been about 10 minutes since anyone has said anything.

Sweet Son: Mama, does "de" me no or not?
Me: Huh? De?
Sweet Son: De. Does de mean no or not?
Me: Um... I don't think so. I don't understand the question.
Sweet Son (getting frustrated): No Mama. De. De. Does it mean no or not?
Me: I really don't understand.
Sweet Son: Hydrated means you have enough water. Dehydrated means you need more water. So does de mean no or not?
Me: Oh, now I get it. De means not.
Sweet Son (with a loud sigh): Thank you

I hate when they make me feel stupid. I really didn't catch on until he gave me an example.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Strange Kids

These are just a collection of short stories that have happened this month and remind me of just how strange my kids are and I LOVE it!

During lunch the kids were discussing favorite foods. According to them Daddy's favorite food is ice cream. Mommy's favorite food is anything chocolate. Sweet Daughter's favorite food is kefir. Sweet Son's favorite food is peas. They are right, but still that's not normal.

I told them they didn't have to take a nap based on their behavior (they weren't acting tired and haven't had a nap in weeks). They decided to take one anyway. Sweet Daughter slept and Sweet Son just played quietly in the room. I'm thrilled and will certainly take it, but once again not normal.

Every day Sweet Daughter begs to do Life of Fred (Math curriculum). There are times I feel like I give in too often when they ask for things, but when they are asking for vegetables and academics I can't justify saying no.

There are times I offer to let them play on the computer and they will say no. They have discovered a tv show they both love. How It's Made. Silly me trying to let them watch kids programming or cartoons.

Sweet Daughter: I want to do Life of Fred.
Sweet Son: I want to do a Spelling test first.
Sweet Daughter: Do you think we could do both?

Then they both ran over asking me at the same time if they can do both. Yes, my nerdy children we can do both. hahahaha

Monday, July 28, 2014

Science Camps

After a week of a Science camp focused on the human body, Sweet Daughter was singing a song that she made up this morning. My favorite line? "My princess blood cells are white and they fight, fight, fight to keep away a virus and to heal my cuts."

The Science camps the kids have been attending require them to bring a snack. I ask the kids if they could bring any snack they wanted, what would the pick? I was prepared to refuse the first few choices. They both answered dried fruit. We got 4 different types and everyone's happy.