Monday, September 1, 2014

Family Vacation

Wonderful Husband, Sweet Kids, Dziadek, and Babcia

 We planned a trip to Chicago. We were meeting some of Wonderful Husband's family who were coming from Canada. We also have friends in Chicago. This was going to be a great family vacation. Then the week before we were leaving, I got kidney stones. Big, bad kidney stones. My doctor wouldn't let me fly. So after much discussion, the family went to Chicago and I sat still drinking water at home.

Family in Chicago

So the problem you are going to notice now is that while I have the photos, I really don't know what is going on in them. That makes it harder to write blog posts. However, there are so many cool photos, that I will be sharing this trip for the next couple of weeks. 

Family with Sculpture

Now the debate begins. Do I just state the obvious or do I make up interesting stories? Most of the people in these photos do at least occasionally look at the blog, so maybe I should just stick to the obvious.


I see photos like this one and I can come up with some great ideas. However, in reality I have no clue where or why these photos were taken. Just about the time I think this is an odd couple, I find entire series of photos like these.

I don't know. I really don't.

Shoulder rides. 

(I figured I should end on one that I can actually caption.)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Mattress Consequences

Remember how they ripped apart Sweet Son's mattress? Ever since he has been sleeping on the floor. Granted, more than half the time before that he also chose to sleep on the floor. However now that he doesn't have a choice it's very upsetting for him. He just sat down and wrote his first sentence ever. (He has written sentences with the movable alphabet before, but this is the first one he has ever sat down and written out without looking at the letters, etc.)

"Sweet Son liks to slep and bed."
(He wrote his own name, not actually Sweet Son, but you get the point.)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Playroom Tour (Kid Photographer)

Sweet Son took all of the photos in this post. These are, according to him, the best parts of the playroom.

The Game Shelf
You can see three floor puzzles (farm, fire truck, and Lorax), a sequencing game, a position game, the SomeBody game, a shape game, and CandyLand. The Somebody Board Game has been a favorite since we got it. It has 4 sheets that look like bodies and 4 sheets of removable stickers covering many organs. There are a couple of different sets of cards and multiple ways to play. 

Train Table
The frustrating part of this is the table is used for storage rather than the storage bins underneath. Then he builds tracks on the floor.

Play Kitchen
Both of my kids love to pretend to cook even more than they like to really cook.