Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Exploring Barcelona

After arriving in Barcelona we were hungry and just wanted to explore. We had no idea where we were headed or what we were going to do. It was perfect!

We stopped at this tapas restaurant in a tourist area. If you don't know what tapas is, you are going to wish you had some near you. The menu was the papers you see in front of us (they also gave us a book with English translations, but it was fairly obvious even without that). Each item had a name and a photo. You ordered various plates of things to share. Most had 4-5 bites of the food on it. Everything comes out as it is ready and you just keep ordering new things or more of the things you enjoyed. This was a great way to try new foods. We ended up eating here more than once this trip.

This is a really cool looking building. if you see at the top there are people who clearly have a great view of the city. On the left hand side of the photo you can see the elevator set aside. That elevator cost money. We just couldn't justify the price and it looked like on the right those might be stairs which we were hoping would be free. Those aren't stairs they were closed and for maintenance crew only. However after wandering around we noticed inside the building were free escalators. They took you right up to the top. Free.

Just one of the views from the top. You could walk around the entire thing and see all around the city.

From the top we could see this park behind the building. Wonderful Husband loves palm trees and one child was willing to pose for a photo.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Visiting Krakow

Our last stop in Poland was in Krakow. The kids still love dragons and remembered visiting the dragon's den when they were 2, so we had to go back now that they are big 4 year olds.

Exploring inside the dragon's den. (It's underground, dark, and all we had was a cell phone camera.)

My kids with the dragon statue. The little girl in the front center is also a cousin (not exactly, but closer to being a cousin than the others), but she didn't really want to be in the photo.

Every few minutes the dragon breathes fire which is awesome. You can feel the heat coming off it from a fair distance away.

7 of us walking around town together (Wonderful Husband is taking the photo, but he still counts).

The kids were thrilled with the bright colorful plane we would be taking to our next destination: Spain!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Around Wroclaw

Some of the best parts of traveling are the small unexpected moments. No matter how many awesome things you visit, the kids will remember spending time with family. And ice cream. They will always remember ice cream, haha.

A stop on the town square for ice cream.

 Street musicians that we listened to while eating ice cream.

All of us with the street musicians

Random photo of Sweet Son on a goose that didn't fit in anywhere else.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wroclaw Train to Heaven

This statue is HUGE - it goes up 30 meters into the air and weighs more than 70 tons. Yes, that is a real steam locomotive. You know the kids wanted to get closer to this sculpture.

This gives some idea of the scale.

A selfie so we could actually get all of us into the same photo!