Friday, July 21, 2017

Private Beach on Jamaica

We paid to go to a private beach owned by the cruise company while in Jamaica. The water was beautiful and the kids wanted to swim all the way to the ropes.

The nice water
Only, Sweet Daughter somehow let the rope touch her back and was bitten by some awful thing.
She spent an hour screaming in pain. After tracking down the lifeguard (asleep behind the lifeguard tower), he gave us some cream to put on it. That didn't help. I took her back to the boat and gave her some anti-inflammatories and a shower. She calmed down about 30 minutes after that. 

While I was taking care of Sweet Daughter, The boys continued to play at the beach. 

Look what I found! 

It's the perfect hat! 

This is happy guy.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Playa Mia boats and beach

Last post about Playa Mia, until we go back next time that is! We really enjoyed this place.

They had many different types of boats to try 

Just peddling around 

She loved being able to steer 

All of us on the beach 

They work hard in the sand while I relax

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Playa Mia pools

There were multiple pools at Playa Mia in addition to the other features I have shown in the last two posts.

Water Slides
This is the first time they were tall enough to do a big water slide by themselves. 

Enjoying the pool 

Trying stunts 

All smiles! 

She loves being thrown in the air

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

More Playa Mia

There is an awesome ocean playground at Playa Mia. We swam out to it and then enjoyed some awesome experiences on the obstacle course.

Ready to swim toward it 

Some teens were helping people cross this particular obstacle.
Here they are helping Sweet Daughter get the trapeze 

Here they are catching Sweet Son and getting him back onto the course 

Another obstacle 

I helped both kids up the egg, then I swam around it because I couldn't get up 

Almost done, seeing how far out we can go before we are dumped into the ocean

There were other obstacles we don't have photos of. It was a circular path with an island in the middle. I fell off more than anyone else. It was fun and challenging. I highly recommend it.