Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sharkarosa (3)

On Tuesday I wrote a post about how not all animals want to have their picture taken. The camels at Sharkarosa are in love with the camera. I had to narrow these down and there are still more photos of camels than all of the other animals combined.

I see you!

You can pet me! No, you can pet me!
(The camels would shove each other out of the way if you had a hand out and they weren't always looking for food.)

I like it when you scratch right there. He kept aligning himself so she would pet one specific spot.

If they smelled food they would lick. This was of course silly.

He solve that by dropping the food when they got close.

How high will it reach for the food?

Sure, I'll pose for a picture!

I like pictures. I will even smile.

Would you like a kiss?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sharkarosa (2)

One of the activities at Sharkarosa is to go on a safari ride out to the larger animals that live in herds. Some we could feed by putting food into the buckets on the side. Some we were told to just view and keep our hands away from. For the most part these were cool, but not great at photos.

 Hi there! 

We ended up with a lot of photos that look like this. A kid looking on with an animal eating from a bucket.

Different kid, different animal, basically the same photo though

We saw many cool animals that didn't want to pose nicely for a photograph - zebras, deer, emu, donkey, zorse, zedonk, alpaca, and sheep just to name a few.

They all live in large areas and some didn't even approach the trailer with the food so I'm sure they are well fed. There was one escapee who followed us out the gate, but we were able to watch them round it up and lure it back into the correct enclosure without any physical force and only minimal human contact which impressed me.

Monday, August 22, 2016


We heard about Sharkarosa from friends and decided to visit. This is an animal rescue/sanctuary that is open for tours, educational groups, etc. We started with the petting zoo.

Hi goats!

I like that the goats not only had things to climb on, but places to hide if they wanted to avoid people. These were clearly well cared for and loved. The workers knew all of their names and most of the goats answered to their names.

Tomorrow I will write about going on the safari ride to see some of the other animals.