Monday, September 26, 2016


This post is the second in a series from our trip to an exotic animal park in Oklahoma. This post also proves camels are always photogenic, haha.

We were offered the "opportunity" to kiss a camel. Yes, you read that right. They gave us a cookie to put half in our mouth and half out and the camel would lean over and take it from us. This had mixed results.

First up, Wonderful Husband gets a kiss

I'm next and really not sure I want to kiss a camel

Should have gone with my instinct, though our tour guide enjoyed my reaction

There is no way the kids were going to get close to kissing a camel after my reaction. They just fed him from their hands.

Smart kids

Friday, September 23, 2016

Birthday Trip

This year for their birthday the kids had very specific requests. Sweet Son wanted bacon. Sweet Daughter wanted a real tiger. Wonderful Husband (his birthday is the same week) wanted a trip out of town. I made all of their dreams come true.

First the bacon, we ate at diners or Sonic for every meal for the entire trip so he had bacon 6 meals in a row. That was the easy part. Real tigers and a trip - this took some research. I found a place in Oklahoma that calls itself an exotic animal park. The reviews were extremely mixed. Some people said it's great because you can hold baby tigers, see animals that you wouldn't normally see even in a zoo, etc. The other reviews hated it saying the tour guide was crude, cussing, and clearly didn't care about the welfare of the animals. The many large animals were all in cages and not anything even close to a natural habitat. I had no idea if this would turn out great or awful, but it was my only option for combining a trip and real tigers.

The day we were going to visit the tigers it was raining. It rained the entire time we were there. This made it exceptionally muddy on the dirt trails. It also made it cooler and the animals much more active. We didn't see any animals pacing in cages and they were all well fed and the cages were clean. We also didn't get the usual tour guide. Our guide was appropriate and explained everything clearly.

Baby tiger!

She had help holding it

They look at each other


The family with a different baby tiger. This one wasn't as docile as the first so it didn't do any individual visits.

I will post more photos from other parts of our experience there next week.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Birthday Balloons

Our tradition is for the kids to find many balloons to play with on their birthday. One year we filled the playroom. One year we filled the hallway. (Each year we seem to pick smaller and smaller rooms...) This year we did some in the hallway and some in each of their bedrooms.

Notice how they are both sleeping on their beds correctly? It's awesome!!! Happy 6th Birthday

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Birthday Wordless Wednesday

He asked for bacon, which he did get (read tomorrow's post). We also got him this. He seems just a bit excited, don't you think?