Wednesday, May 27, 2015

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

On the sidewalk on the way to the park

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Swimming Lessons

Our kids have always spent a lot of time around the water, but they refuse to learn swimming from us. We found a great program near us. They have 3 kids to 2 teachers (or 2 kids to 1 teacher). Each session is only 4 days for 30 minutes per day, but it is awesome. They learned so much so quickly. They went from not wanting to leave the step to jumping off the diving board.

Here you can see both kids getting 1 on 1 attention. They have enough supplies and support for any situation or level.

At the end of day 3 both kids got to try the diving board.

Day 3 second attempt

Day 4 Sweet Daughter

Day 4 Sweet Son
You can hear Sweet Daughter cheering him on in the background.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Dinosaur Valley

Glen Rose, TX is home to Dinosaur Valley. There are preserved dinosaur footprints as well as fossils in this area. We had explained this to the kids before we ever went on the trip.

Sweet Daughter was telling their swimming teacher about the trip. The teacher says how much she loves Dinosaur Valley because you can see real dinosaur footprints (I start nodding my head yes) next to real human footprints (still agreeing but hesitating) which proves they lived at the same time (I'm no longer agreeing).

The good news is Sweet Son replied with, "Dinosaurs are dead. Humans aren't. Just because two things are next to each other doesn't mean they happened at the same time." So at least I'm doing my part. After class Sweet Son kept coming up with examples like "if walk through mud that has rabbit prints, that doesn't mean the rabbit and I were walking together."

 There is a great deal of documentation about these footprints. The area is rural and decades ago, even with the dinosaur footprints, no one was visiting. The owner decided he could get more visitors if he added human footprints next to the dinosaur ones. After his death, this all came out as the hoax Scientists knew that it was all along.

However, the damage is done. This area now also has a creationist museum and a large production of Biblical stories. Dinosaur Valley is now a park publicly controlled. The prints are on the river bed and the water was too high when we were there to see them.

We did get to walk around. We saw the way the river was eroding the bank and had great discussions of the way water can literally shape our world. We also walked through grasslands and learned about this disappearing habitat and it's impact. It was a great learning experience.

Friday, May 22, 2015

More Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World has a trail you can walk along seeing statues of dinosaurs in family groupings. They aren't animatronic like the ones we see every Fall. I wasn't sure if the kids would really enjoy this or not. They did. They really, really did.

What? We're normal.

Maybe not normal, but we are entertaining!

We bought food to feed the fish.

The fish were a bit feisty once the food hit the water.

This photo is perfect in my opinion. 
It was raining so we let them use the umbrella. They were sharing and getting along. The dinosaurs in the background really add a bit of interest to what would be a cute picture either way.