Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Tale of Two Beds - Part 20

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 Look how organized! He even tucked in his Bugs and Gorilla.

 She managed to tuck everyone in and still keep two blankets for herself.
When it's not one extreme, it's the other.

 Seriously. It's either perfectly organized or thrown all over the room. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Advertising for the Literal Minded

This has nothing to do with kids or parenting, but I needed to share my thoughts on this. 

I repeatedly saw an ad (written) that says, "Call your drunk friends a taxi."
All I could think is, "You're a taxi." "No, you're a taxi."

It's like at the movies when they used to (maybe they still do??) have the sign that said, "Please patronize these businesses..." I had a friend in college who would always say in baby talk, "What a good business you are. Yes, you are. You are such a good business."

Friday, February 27, 2015

I'm a mammal.

Sweet Son had a complete meltdown during school today. They were talking about mammals and how mammals have hair all over. He started crying, face turning red, etc. They finally got him calmed down enough to talk.

He was upset because I'm not a mammal. All the other humans are mammals, but I'm not. They of course ask why in the world he would think I'm not a mammal. He said he was looking at my legs and I don't have any hair. Then he broke down again.

They explained how some people cut or shave hair from various places, but they are still mammals. When we got home I let him see that my legs do have hair. I explained that I shaved them for Costa Rica, but they have hair again. He is very relieved.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hot Springs and Pools

Our resort had hot springs and pools - 14 total. Half were fed by hot springs going up the side of the mountain. So the one at the top was the hottest and as it went down they got progressively cooler, but still quite warm. The others were chilly, but a nice balance. They actually had them arranged so as you went up the steps all the one on the left were hot springs and the ones on the right cool.

The whole family in a hot spring. There was a little slide that one of our kids loved. The adults also had a bit of fun with the water slides.

One evening we ordered food from the bar and ate it next to the pool. We made the kids eat outside the pool, but some of the adults could sit in the warm water to eat their food.

The family in a hot spring during the day. You can see the steps up to the water slide on our right and the volcano (with no clouds around the top) in the background. I can't even describe how beautiful this place is. You can't see it but the resort zip line is also going above our heads.

One of the higher hot spring pools had these little private grottos. These were more crowded in the evening, but early in the day we were able to get a photo. This was a very hot pool and the kids couldn't stay in it for long. We only let them get their legs in, not the rest of their bodies. It felt warmer than most hot tubs and I know hot tubs aren't safe for kids.