Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dallas Vacation

I was planning to run in the Dallas Marathon and thanks to a last minute home emergency, we ended up with a free hotel room near the starting line! Here are the photos from the day before the race.

Awesome decorations

View from our room - the starting line was 2 blocks away in that direction so they could see me when I lined up to start while still staying warm.

Monday, December 11, 2017


Sweet Daughter still loves basketball and the season is going much better now that she is playing with, and against, girls her own size!

She has the ball!

She loved running the ball in and passing it to one of our "shooters"

Friday, December 8, 2017

Dental Expander

Sweet Son had a major under bite and no room for his adult teeth to grow in. The dentist suggested an expander which would help and might prevent him from needing braces or might lesson the amount of time needed in braces later. We also had them add a feature to make it impossible to suck his thumb. He only sucked his thumb for a few minutes a day to fall asleep, but we couldn't seem to break the habit.

What it looks like with mouth opened wide

A closer look - the silver tube thing in the middle is what we would adjust every few days

With mouth closed you can't even tell
He can't really figure out how to close his mouth in this picture, haha

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Band Concert

Both kids made the homeschool concert band this year. Sweet Daughter is on flute and Sweet Son on trumpet.

Holly Jolly Christmas
Sweet Son is the trumpet player on the far left.
Sweet Daughter is front and center, but you can't see her around the stand. At the very end when the director signals everyone to sit down you can just see her peeking over the stand.

Trumpet Trio
The two boys have been playing trumpet for less than one year while the girl has been playing for 2.5 years. I parent one and teach trumpet to the other two. :) Notice they don't have a director for this piece, they had to count it off, listen, and cut off together.